A Compassionate Heart

An open door, an open heart, and path to greater wellness is what people think of when they think of Amparo Aguirre. 

Amparo Aguiles_trinitas2Amparo is a Komen-funded breast health navigator at Trinitas Medical Center in Elizabeth, NJ. The Trinitas Breast Health Education Program has touched tens of thousands of women’s lives since it began in 2000. One of the biggest risks in the community is lack of follow-up care. The Trinitas program enjoys a high number of repeat attendees and referral rates from past participants, which clearly demonstrates the impact the programs have had on the community.

The story of “Maria” is a great example of the importance of education and its link to early detection. Maria attended a Trinitas workshops this summer and greatly enjoyed the class. She began checking herself regularly even though she is only 28. When she found a lump she called Amparo, who encouraged her to call her doctor and have it checked. The doctor recommended an ultrasound. Maria was extremely worried and called Amparo again to discuss the situation. Amparo eased her concerns and encouraged her to attend, and not cancel, the appointment. Maria was very pleased to learn that her lump was only a benign cyst, and has remained in contact with Amparo ever since. Her story demonstrates the open door policy that Amparo maintains with every person who attends her educational workshops. They call frequently with questions and she gladly takes the time to answer each of them and to counsel them on their concerns. This bond and trust serves the community as patients who do have a breast health crisis are more likely to follow through on diagnostic testing and treatment. Amparo’s is a compassionate heart that leads to greatest wellness.

Komen North Jersey is a proud funder of this program.

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