Clinical Trials

If you have breast cancer, we encourage you to consider joining a clinical trial. Clinical trials are studies designed to test the safety and effectiveness of ways to prevent, detect or treat disease. People volunteer to join these studies. Clinical trials offer the chance to try new treatments and possibly benefit from them. Learning a new therapy is better than the standard treatment can also help others. And, as new therapies are developed, they can open doors to other drugs and procedures that may be even more effective.

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NEW HELPLINE! Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Information

On June 1, Susan G. Komen launched its new Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Information Helpline for breast cancer patients and their loved ones. This helpline aims to 1) increase understanding of breast cancer clinical trials; 2) empower patients with information and resources they need to make an educated decision about clinical trial enrollment; and 3) make it easier for breast cancer patients to participate in and potentially benefit from, promising research.

Komen’s Bold Goal is to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by 2026. Clinical trials are critical to the development of new cancer therapies and can help us work toward that goal. Yet very few breast cancer patients participate in clinical trials, either because they’re unaware of trials, are overwhelmed by the information they’re receiving, or not sure how to bring up the subject with their doctors. This Clinical Trial Information Helpline is here to help patients and loved ones get the answers they need, and potentially advance breast cancer research. The service is provided in Spanish and English, Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. ET.

This helpline is answered by the current Komen Breast Care Helpline staff and the number is the same – 1-877 GO KOMEN (465-6636). Callers will hear the options for both helplines.