Amy Chasin is “Chasin the Cure”

Meet Amy Chasin, former real estate attorney, wife, mother—and five-year survivor. Amy was diagnosed during a routine mammogram. She says she wasn’t capable of handling all the details at once; after asking her doctor if she “was going to die” and hearing “no, she wasn’t” she walked out. She needed time to take it all in. Two weeks later, on her 51st birthday, Amy had a double mastectomy.

Amy Chasin and sister in lawAmy Chasin and her sister-in-law, Randi Tumen

“My cancer treatment was my job,” says Amy. “I knew I had to stay on track, for my recovery. The chemo nearly sucked the life out of me; nothing I have done, or will ever do compares to it. But I just kept doing what I had to do, for the life I knew there would be—after this.”

Nowadays, Amy takes everything in stride.
Because, she says, EVERY DAY IS SIGNIFICANT.

She has also become a crusader for the cause, and for Komen North Jersey. “I like that I can raise money for a quality charity that’s local and gets all my friends involved,” she says. “And I like that most of the money stays here to help people in our local communities, but a considerable amount also goes to fund research. Hopefully, we can stop this disease in its tracks.”

For the last three years, Amy’s team, Chasin the Cure, has participated in the Komen North Jersey Race for the Cure. This year, they raised over $8,000. That’s pretty significant… but even more amazing is that they did it IN JUST TWO WEEKS!

We have ONE week left to meet our Race fundraising goal of $1 million by JUNE 15th and we’re making every day count.

How can you help? Here’s how Amy says she does it!

• Get your friends and family involved.
• Tell your story and make it personal.
• Keep a positive spin.
• Send an email to all your contacts.
• Text all your friends.
• Tell them why YOU support Komen North Jersey.
• Remind your friends and family that NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL.

ACT NOW and help us reach the finish line by June 15th!