It’s been said that ‘knowledge is power’

It’s been said that ‘knowledge is power”. Komen North Jersey is privileged to fund services that provide life-saving breast health education to women and men. –

Katherine Soto, Latina Outreach Worker at Morristown Medical Center, led a Komen-funded breast education awareness class at Hispanic Affairs, a community organization in Dover. After participating in this outreach, a 30 year-old woman decided to have a breast screening. This young woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she was insured and bilingual in English and Spanish, she did not fully understand her treatment options. Frightened and confused, she called Kathy. Recognizing the issue of health literacy and need for support services, Kathy sought the assistance of a patient navigator from Morristown Medical Center. The patient navigator provided information, as she helped the young woman navigate through the health care system. After consultation with a physician, the young woman had a mastectomy in one breast and a lumpectomy in the other, with positive outcomes. This is just one example of how Komen-funded outreach and education makes a difference in the lives of women. Our goal of encouraging all women to have breast screenings, whether insured or uninsured/underserved, is vitally important and life-saving.