Journeys of Courage


Every breast cancer diagnosis is the start of a journey that requires incredible inner strength and courage.  For many survivors, this personal battle inspires a compelling need to give back, to “do something,” to make a difference.

In September 2000, Komen North Jersey debuted a photo essay, Journeys of Courage, portraying breast cancer survivors who generously agreed to share their stories to heighten awareness of the disease that touched their lives. Little did this original group of Journeys realize the impact that this project would have. In subsequent years, additional women and men have been photographed and added to this extraordinary collection. These individuals are selected for this honor because they demonstrate a passion for our mission—they are advocates for breast cancer awareness and passionate about “paying it forward.” Mothers, daughters, sisters, husbands, grandmothers and friends have been a symbol of strength, love, resilience and transformation and have touched thousands of lives through their beautiful images and inspirational words.

In the sixteen years since the photo essay debuted, the Journey portraits have been proudly displayed in Komen North Jersey’s headquarters, at shopping malls, at the Race, for special events—all over New Jersey. Their power and resolve in the face of this disease encourages us, and serves as a reminder that our work is not yet complete. We honor them every day, holding them in our hearts, as we carry out the work that is so deeply important to them. To their family and friends, we want you to know that their faces and words greet us each day and help guide and inspire us; thank you for sharing them with us.

We hope that all who view this photo essay will be moved and inspired to join us in our promise to end breast cancer forever.

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